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About us

On this blog we are four, four different people with four different personalities, stories and lifestyles. 

Michele, is retired and loves walking outdoor, and horse-riding. 

Francesca, is a traveller who lives in Amsterdam. 

Lea, is a cooking lover that also loves all art forms. 

Justine, is a homebody that loves eating cakes while watching T.V.  

Well, four people with so little in common that it may seem that nothing can bring them together, but think that would be a huge mistake. 

Would it be, because, Justine, Lea and Francesca have the same age? That’s not enough to bring them together. So, maybe because Michele, Francesca and Lea love dancing? That would be wrong too. Maybe because they’re all students? Yes, but no: Justine is studying philosophy, Lea is studying language science while Michele and Francesca are studying modern literature.

So, what’s left? 


Try to guess : a thing that you can put in your handbag, in your suitcase, or your nightstand, which is quiet, full of imagination, dreams, stories and which is your best friend during some days. 

You've guessed : it's the book. Reading is an incredible freedom space. You can read when and where you want and anything your heart desires. This is the only thing that can bring together four different people. It’s not because they love paper and ink, but it’s because books have the power to resonate in minds as diverse as they are varied, and to gather them around a story, carrying them out of their daily lives.  

Books are a way, for four different people like us, to discuss a same passion, but from different perspectives: Michele loves classic and modern books, while Justine loves thriller and crime books, but Francesca also loves poems and novels while Lea loves classics, and biographies but also thrillers or fantasy.

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